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 I asked ChatGPT if Linux is better than Windows. Here is its reply:


The answer to whether Linux is better than Windows depends on the specific use case and personal preference of the user. Both operating systems have their own strengths and weaknesses.


Linux is an open-source operating system, which means that the source code is freely available and can be modified and distributed by anyone. This makes it a popular choice for developers and those who want more control over their operating system. Linux is also known for its stability and security, and it is often used for servers and other enterprise applications.

Windows, on the other hand, is a proprietary operating system developed by Microsoft. It is the most widely used operating system in the world and is known for its ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of software and hardware. Windows is also the preferred choice for many gamers and those who use certain types of professional software.

Ultimately, it depends on what you need the operating system for and what your personal preferences are. Both Linux and Windows have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and use case.


So it is grammatically correct , free of spelling errors, and looks logical enough. It's also twaddle. What it says is: "It depends." Compare it to the answer you'd get from a person who knows the facts and it's very lacking.

If kids think that what the ChatGPT AI will do is good enough for an essay, I have news for them. They might get a few facts to build on but that is about it. Maybe it'll get better, just as calculators have. But for now I doubt anyone will be fooled as far as creative writing goes. Maybe it's OK for legal boilerplate or something like that. What do you think?



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