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LastPass Support - WHERE IS IT?


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BACKGROUND. I've been a LastPass user for many years now. Started out with free version and am currently a Premium user. My Premium account expires tomorrow. I'm going to let it expire because of what I say below. Not sure what happens after it expires: Do they even have a "free" version anymore. I'm switching to BitWarden.


MY QUESTION: How does one email or call LastPass tech support? I've endlessly scoured their "Help" links and they all dead end at articles which do not answer my particular problem with no path to emailing or calling them. I CAN FIND NOTHING! If anyone has the answer to contacting them please let me know. This is the main reason I'm leaving them.


MY PROBLEM: Under SETTINGS/SECURITY in the mobile version on my iPad (IOS 16.2) the first entry says "Log in with Touch ID" which is grayed out. There's a statement underneath that says "Log in with Touch ID is not currently compatible with your device or settings." The next two entries are "Unlock with Touch ID" which is grayed out and "Use LastPass PIN code" which is NOT grayed out as much, but the radio button is not available to select, it's grayed out as well. I know at one time I was able to access (unlock it, not log on to it) LastPass using the PIN code rather than having to sign-in with my Master Password every time. (Facial recognition on my iPhone works wonderfully with LastPass BTW).


So, it's because of the problem I described above that I want to contact LastPass support . . . BUT I CAN'T.


As always, any help appreciated.


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crp, thanks.

I am aware of the phone number. It is automated and all it does is give you a web address to go to and then hangs up.

I was NOT able to find the support link you provided. I'm going to use it for sure.



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crp, okay issue resolved. I signed up online to receive a tech call AND THEY DID. Anyway, issue apparently was due to one of the iPad updates. It removed the ability to configure LastPass to set up a PIN to unlock (not log in) the iPad.

Thanks again, Steve

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