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Print Problems HP DeskJet 5650


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Printer prints documents, BUT the results are gobble-de-gook.

The document I was trying to print was an IRS Form (Instructions for "Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain Tax Worksheet").

I don't think I can explain in words what the messed up print looks like. I tried uploading both the intended document and the messed up one but the file size limit did not allow it. "A picture is worth a thousand words" would truly apply here, but alas this systems size limitations on uploads thwarted me.

Not sure if this is enough to help somebody help me. If not, please contact me in hopes I might be able to send you the gobble-de-gook printed document via some other means.

Thanks, Steve

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You can upload an image to an image sharing service like Imgur or Postimage and post it here in an img tag.


Can't help with printing. I never do any and don't own a printer.

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Does it print to a .pdf document OK? What version of Windows are you running? Are you trying to print legal or letter sized documents?

This is a very old printer and wasn't that expensive when new. Often the best thing to do is just replace it. You could try cleaning the heads, and replacing the ink cartridges but a new printer won't be that much more expensive.

I have a 5550 that still works but it isn't that great and I am using Linux drivers for it.

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V.T. Eric Layton

Well, I've seen that type of gobble-de-gook printing before where all the characters are random squigglies and garbage, so I don't need to see it here again. I can tell you this, though... it's mostly likely an issue with your HP printer drivers. Either and MS Windows update has trashed your drivers or they have self-corrupted for some reason or another.


The first thing I would do in your  case is to go to HP (and ONLY HP, not some other site) and download/install the newest driver software for your printer version/Windows version. See what happens after you done that.

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The 5560 is a deskjet, not a laserjet. I too own a 5550 from 2004 or 2005 that continues to work.


I went here to troubleshoot your model


but nothing mentions garbled text.


They've also pulled the manual. So I wasn't able to have a look at troubleshooting in there.



See if this helps. It is for Windows 11 but pinpoints the problem as a pdf fail.


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Thanks everyone for the time you took to respond.

It finally works, not sure why. Main thing I did was update the PDF program I was printing from, Adobe Acrobat; that must have done it.

Happy New Year All, Steve

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