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Flat Panel Monitors


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What is your favorite type of flat screen panel? Over the years I have managed to collect  a number of them and right now I have 3 in service with desktops. All are 24 inch 1080p models with 60 FPS refresh rates.


1. TN (Acer) panel.

This is the oldest one. It has the advantage of being cheap and has pretty fast response times. Its display leaves a lot to be desired as it has horrible viewing angles and gets washed out unless it is directly in front of you. I use it on an old system for playing music so it doesn't matter much.

2. IPS (LG) panel. Really great colors and wide viewing angle. I use this on my main system for train simulation and general PC stuff. It was more expensive but it is a beautiful display.

3. VA (BenQ) model. THis one has great contrast, blackest blacks and looks fantastic with a dark Theme.  I use this one on my Linux system for general computing, not for games. I really like it.


If I were to rate the 3 panels I'd go IPS > VA >> TN. TN seems to be OK for smaller panels like say 21 inch but it doesn't cut it for a larger one. I don't have any screens larger than 24 inch so I'd be interested in what you have if you are running larger displays.

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V.T. Eric Layton

My current monitor is a Samsung 22" (hand-me-down, as are all of them), but in the past, I've had quite a few nice Dell monitors and, of course, my old HP, which I still have... but is not being used at the moment. The HP (19") is one of the few that I actually purchased at a store. I've built nearly my entire computer history from junk hand-me-downs from other folks. Never ever ran an actual "bought" MS Windows, either. :)



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 I had a very nice 22 inch Acer panel that I passed on along with my older Acer Veriton M desktop to my granddaughter. She runs Linux Mint on that combo and it has served her well for school during the COVID times.

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