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not a good weekend for IT security people - vmware and connectwise


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Hacks were bound to increase as the world shifts to doing everything online. It's impossible to pre-emptively secure all online services as there will always be flaws in software and substandard administration.


Microsoft Confirms Server Misconfiguration Led to 65,000+ Companies' Data Leak


Australia has had a spate of high profile breaches including the second biggest telecommunication provider and one of the largest private health insurance companies. The Australian Tax Office has revealed it gets 3 million attempted hacks on its systems every month. The internet is the wild west and getting worse.


Medibank, Optus hacks and ATO attacks expose identity-theft risks, warn cyber security experts

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Last time my data was leaked (by a company I never heard of--apparently some kind of business partner of company I did business with) I was notified 10 months after the fact. Luckily my credit was frozen, as I suspect any damage would have already been done by then.

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