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is the paypal $2500 fines okay for discussion here?


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V.T. Eric Layton

I'd prefer reading than watching videos, so didn't watch the above linked vid.


I could not find any articles about this that weren't on far Right political news sites. Just the term "woke" that is used in this video is enough for me to say that this post would fall into the controversial/political category that is not allowed here at Scot's.



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how can you classify these 5 sites as "far Right"?  and what would classify a site as "far Right"? 



and the word "woke" is a trigger word? okay if that it is the policy, but i disagree with such a broad stroke. 


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V.T. Eric Layton

Ah... none of those sites came up when I searched. I was using the title of the YouTube vid above as a search term.


I just read the story on Yahoo.


Anyway, not much to discuss, really. Private corporations are free to make decisions such as this about their business practices. It's not a matter of opinion that determines how they do things. They can change their TOS anytime they want. If folks don't like it, they can just not utilize that company's services anymore.


In this case, since $$$ is always the bottom line, when the stocks started to fall, PayPal back-pedaled. This happens often with corporations. They are not in existence to please anyone EXCEPT THEIR STOCKHOLDERS. That's the primary reason for the existence of any corporation. Most corporations don't care one whit who utilizes their services (Right, Left, Middle, Indifferent, etc.), as long as they're making the company, and by extension, the stockholders more $$$.

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