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Archlinux News: Removing python2 from the repositories


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2022-09-23 - Jelle van der Waa

Python 2 went end of life January 2020. Since then we have been actively cutting down the number of projects depending on python2 in our repositories, and we have finally been able to drop it from our distribution. If you still have python2 installed on your system consider removing it and any python2 package.


If you still require the python2 package you can keep it around, but please be aware that there will be no security updates. If you need a patched package please consult the AUR, or use an unofficial user repository.



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My pacman search look different from yours.


 Put brain in gear before pressing enter16:45:05-->Fri Sep 23-->~
-->sudo pacman -Qi python
Name            : python
Version         : 3.10.7-1
Description     : Next generation of the python high-level scripting language
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             : https://www.python.org/
Licenses        : custom
Groups          : None
Provides        : python3
Depends On      : bzip2  expat  gdbm  libffi  libnsl  libxcrypt  openssl  zlib
Optional Deps   : python-setuptools [installed]
                  sqlite [installed]
                  mpdecimal: for decimal
                  xz: for lzma [installed]
                  tk: for tkinter [installed]
Required By     : apparmor  asciinema  asoundconf  ceph-libs  libixion
                  libreoffice-still  namcap  pahole  pcsclite  protontricks
                  pyalpm  python-appdirs  python-apsw  python-async-timeout
                  python-autocommand  python-brotli  python-brotlicffi
                  python-cairo  python-cchardet  python-certifi  python-chardet
                  python-click  python-colorama  python-css-parser
                  python-cssselect  python-distro  python-dnspython
                  python-docopt  python-evdev  python-feedparser
                  python-gobject  python-halo  python-idna  python-ifaddr
                  python-inflate64  python-inflect  python-installer
                  python-jaraco.context  python-jeepney  python-keyutils
                  python-log_symbols  python-lxml  python-more-itertools
                  python-msgpack  python-multivolumefile  python-musicbrainzngs
                  python-mutagen  python-netifaces  python-ordered-set
                  python-pdftotext  python-pillow  python-ply  python-psutil
python-py7zr  python-pybcj  python-pychm  python-pycryptodome
                  python-pycryptodomex  python-pydantic  python-pyelftools
                  python-pygments  python-pyparsing  python-pyppmd
                  python-pyqt5-sip  python-pyqt6-sip  python-pyxdg
                  python-pyzstd  python-regex  python-sgmllib3k  python-six
                  python-soupsieve  python-spinners  python-termcolor
                  python-texttable  python-tomli  python-trove-classifiers
                  python-typing_extensions  python-tzdata  python-unrardll
                  python-urllib3  python-vdf  python-wcwidth
                  python-webencodings  python-websockets  python-yaml
                  python-zeroconf  python-zipfile-deflate64  python-zipp
                  reflector  samba  smbclient  steam  udiskie  vapoursynth
                  youtube-dl  zim
Optional For    : boost  botan  btrfs-progs  git  glib2  gstreamer  gtest  gtk2
                  gupnp  i2c-tools  imath  ki18n  ldb  libbytesize  libevent
                  libnewt  libproxy  libpwquality  libxml2  libxslt  refind
                  talloc  tdb  tevent  usbutils  util-linux  volume_key
                  xfsprogs  zbar
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : python3
Installed Size  : 54.67 MiB
Packager        : Felix Yan <felixonmars@archlinux.org>
Build Date      : Tue 06 Sep 2022 22:22:27 BST
Install Date    : Sat 10 Sep 2022 14:35:42 BST
Install Reason  : Installed as a dependency for another package
Install Script  : No
Validated By    : Signature



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1 hour ago, crp said:

there was a recent poising of the python2 distribution repository , no?



Huh?? Python2 is old and is no longer supported by most distros.

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As mentioned in the post:



If you still require the python2 package you can keep it around, but please be aware that there will be no security updates.

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