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The Best Command-Line-Only Video Games


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A rundown of the biggest, most expansive and impressive games that you can run entirely in your Linux shell.


The original UNIX operating system was created, in large part, to facilitate porting a video game to a different computer. And, without UNIX, we wouldn't have Linux, which means we owe the very existence of Linux to...video games.


It's crazy, but it's true.


With that in mind, and in celebration of all things shell/terminal/command line, I want to introduce some of the best video games that run entirely in a shell—no graphics, just ASCII jumping around the screen.


And, when I say "best", I mean the very best—the terminal games that really stand out above the rest.


Although these games may not be considered to have "modern fancy-pants graphics" (also known as MFPG—it's a technical term), they are fantastically fun. Some are big, sprawling adventures, and others are smaller time-wasters. Either way, none of them are terribly large (in terms of drive storage space), and they deserve a place on any Linux rig.......



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On 9/20/2022 at 7:02 PM, securitybreach said:

Yeah, I dont know why they didnt include the most popular one of all time..Nethack


Great game. I have played either Falcon's Eye or Vultures Eye.



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