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If you're using Debian based distros and apt, you might like to try out nala. It's a much prettier and (to my eye) faster version of apt.

If you are running Debian Sid or Bookworm you can get nala directly from the repos. If using the current Debian Bullseye follow instructions here.

For Bullseye you'll install nala-legacy.

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There was a thread about nala at Debian User Forums. IMO its only purpose is to be prettier. As it is a front-end for apt and uses Python, I very much doubt it is faster.

Still, if you like pretty... 😎  I mean, apt is prettier and more informative than apt-get so I always use apt.

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Hedon James

interesting tool that I'll keep my eye on....and maybe experiment with in a VM.  But I sure wouldn't want to seek help on a Debian forum after an issue with Nala update/upgrade.  If it isn't in the Debian repos, you've made your system a "FrankenDebian" and you're likely on your own after that. 

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It's in Debian testing and sid repos now so should be included in Bookworm when that is released as stable, in a year or so.

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