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Brave browser search goggles


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at first thought it was an overly cute name, but then i got it. nice double play. Put on goggles to narrow your searching.

Privacy-focused Brave Search exits beta to challenge Google | PCWorld


I used the Brave search for a while. It has gone much more competent from its startup. But i dropped it since it does not have image searching that can be used via dropdown menu on an image.


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I switched back to it from DDG but I really miss having a way to narrow dates. Sometimes I don't want/need articles from 2014 because it no longer applies.


Today I went to check the android Wallpaper Wednesday Images on gdrive. Unfortunately the 6 June 22nd images apparently weren't uploaded. I searched and found pictures from Sept. 2021 and October 2021 but what I really wanted was a June 2022  result.


If anyone figures out a way to limit searches by date, please share.

I got there by adding a date in the search bar https://www.androidauthority.com/wallpaper-wednesday-jun-22-2022-3178217/

but what happens if I want dates during a certain time period?

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