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Star Labs Unveils a New Small Format Linux PC


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The Byte Mk I is an AMD-powered mini Linux PC with Coreboot support and plenty of power.


Byte The first of its generation. Powered by AMD.




I was intrigued by this announcement partly by the mention of coreboot and partly by the size of the pc. Doing a bit of research I found this article on the AMD Ryzen 5800U cpu,




This cpu packs quite a punch and with the pretty speedy ram and ssd the Byte certainly packs quite a punch. I am amazed that such a small pc is so powerful and if I needed a new pc I would seriously consider buying one.  The ultra low power use is a definite plus for folk in the UK as we have had major price hikes for energy in the last few months with more to come. The Byte would certainly be powerful enough to satisfy my usual computing needs and I guess it would be ok for the games I play too.

Amazing how fast tech has evolved in the last decade. I might just stop reading sci-fi books and just read tech news stories instead. 😎


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Interesting tech but these micro-desktops just don't fit my profile.

For Windows I need to hook up wireless mouse and keyboard, Ethernet, speakers, 1080p screen, a USB HDD. I also want to have a card reader and a second large HDD to store photos. My train sims require a discrete graphics card (they suck with integrated graphics.) So a mini tower is best - can't cram all that stuff into a hockey puck sized desktop.

For Linux any junker desktop made in the past 10 years will be fine.

I guess if you want a decent Linux preinstall and you don't have a lot of space you could roll this way. But a Linux based laptop would also do the trick.

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On 4/24/2022 at 2:37 PM, raymac46 said:

For Linux any junker desktop made in the past 10 years will be fine.


Yeah for your use this would not be useful. I agree that an ten year old or older pc would do just fine for a load of folk with a linux os for their daily use.


I posted because of the Star Labs use of coreboot which I find intriguing. Also the mini pc would be a good buy for a non techie user as a first pc as it is so small and uses very little electric and would perform very well for daily use.



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Neat but the price is way too high for what you are getting. I wouldn't pay over $399 for the machine.

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