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Pale Moon Version 30 Recalled


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Pale Moon version 30 has been recalled due to both an incomplete release as well as damage done to the project.

The information provided by Moonchild regarding the Current situation for Pale Moon:

"What does this mean in practice? One of three things:
  • If you have been updated to Pale Moon 30.0.1 over the weekend or last Monday, and are not experiencing any difficulties in your browsing, the you should be fine to stay on that version until 30.1.0 comes out later.
  • If you are on 29.4.4, then you are fine. We're working on a security update to it, and this is the current (latest) version of the browser. We are working on a security update to address a major issue that was fixed in v30.0.0, which will be released very soon.
  • If you are on v30.0.0 or are having issues with v30.0.1, then you are strongly encouraged to download v29.4.4 from the website and downgrade the browser to that version. It is best in that case if you also restore a backup of your profile from v29, but should not be disastrous if you don't have such a backup handy. You will be served 29.4.5 when it is released to get security up to date on this version. In this case you may also need to re-download v29 versions of any add-ons that may have been updated to a v30 one (you can recognise these by the -fxguid suffix to the version). These can be found in the temporary location on the archive server."

Additional information regarding the situation at Pale Moon is available in Moonchild's posts at Unplanned outage and Outage post-mortem.

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Fascinating stuff. I had been using Pale Moon and will likely continue

to do so. Wow, the personalities. I guess there is never any way of

totally getting away from that. It's sad to see instances where

someone gets a little 'pithy' and does actual sabotage, however.


Mainly I've been using FF, however. But I have liked Pale Moon as

an alternative browser. If I can keep it, I will...




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