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No resize of posted links sometimes ???????????????


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Sometimes when I answer a post I can not make my links bigger, I can make them bold but not bigger.


Also after posting and trying to edit the same thing occurs.


This seems to be random. As I can make text or links bigger in this post. In the new post I made in the Slackware thread I could not either in the answer to the thread or when trying to edit it.


Also aswell as no text resize there is no strike through feature.


This happens in FF on my Arch and MX set ups.



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V.T. Eric Layton

Check your Chromium er... Firefox Font settings.

If your Font settings in Firefox is set to only allow certain sized fonts on a page, you won't be able to see them. For instance, in my FF settings, I have it set for 18pt font for everything. This affects the browser's ability to show fonts smaller than 18pt. I have it that way on porpoise. :)




By the way, here's a screenie of what the above should look like. If it doesn't look this way to you, your browser settings are possibly the issue.



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Here is a graphical view of the problem,




Me trying to post in the Slackware thread. See , no resizing of text feature or the strike through feature.




Just a few moments later me trying to post in this thread. All features available. So I doubt it is a FF problem. 😎


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V.T. Eric Layton

Ahhhh... IC. As to what's happening there? I haven't a clue; possibly some space/time distortion caused by nearby supermassive black hole?

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