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Pale Moon Add-ons Site Planned Downtime


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From Add-ons site planned downtime

This coming weekend, Jan 29-30 2022, the Add-ons site will be taken down for planned maintenance.

The downtime currently does not have a start time or duration set - it will happen when it happens and will be down for an unspecified amount of time.

This will affect add-ons for Pale Moon and Basilisk.

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From Re: Add-ons site planned downtime

Work on the Pale Moon add-ons site has been completed.

As part of the new direction for Pale Moon announced earlier, the current incarnation for the Pale Moon Add-ons Site will live on addons-legacy.palemoon.org while the new Add-ons Site will eventually be live on addons.palemoon.org. Because of the nature of this new direction having different requirements for add-ons in different browser versions, we will, for a while, continue to run the old add-ons site alongside the new one, to be able to serve people pre- and post-upgrade. This will not be permanent but we will do this for a reasonable amount of time to make the transition to the new milestone as smooth as possible. As usual, people are urged to keep their browser up-to-date to avoid service interruptions (in addition to keeping your browsing safe and secure).

More information will be forthcoming. Please keep an eye on the relevant parts of this forum for details as not everything will be announced this way.

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