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PIA, private internet access...do I need it?


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9 minutes ago, securitybreach said:

If they do not respect my privacy, I wont use their streaming platforms.

I stream from Prime but only because I have it anyway to save on shipping.  Haven't used Netflix or Hulu for years.  Anything worth while watching from either one can eventually be found elsewhere.  I couldn't care less if they track what I watch.

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I have prime but only use the shipping. I could get netflix (bundled with tmobile) and hulu (bundled with ATT Fiber) for free.

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HALLELUJAH....  I spent a good portion of the day messing with this stuff.  I finally got Surfshark working.  The phone was not a problem to get set up, it was the lappy and desktop.  I was expecting to see the same ap or gui that Mullvad and PIA had.  But I finally found the proper site to guide me along.  What I hadn't noticed was the little icon just below the tab bar.  Ran a couple tests to see if it was working.  It does and shows me located in Isle of Moronica. 

Thanks for all of the info, tips, links etc. 

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Here is an interesting article on Surfshark from 2018.


Surfshark commits to doubling every user donation to support efforts to protect oceans by Surfrider Foundation



Riding against the wave of the holiday rush, privacy protection service Surfshark has launched a campaign supporting ocean cleaning efforts. Under this initiative, Surfshark will match every donation of their subscribers and contribute the double amount to the Surfrider Foundation.

According to the recent studies, there are 5,25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean today. Of which, 269,000 tons float on the surface. Also, it is estimated that approximately 8 million tons of the newly produced plastic end up in the oceans every year.


Doubt if this initiative made the vpn any better but it is a nice gesture. 😎

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