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Bedrock Linux?!

Hedon James

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Hedon James

Well, doesn't this sound interesting enough to catch my attention...read a review this morning on Distrowatch about Bedrock Linux:




I've never heard of Bedrock before today, but as I read through the article, I was fairly sure it would end in an experience of "borked my system....failed to boot" or other similar outcome that I read so often from Distrowatch reviewers.  But as I read about his successes, my mind started sparking with ideas about how I might use this technology?  The holy grail, for me, would be the rolling release that never needs re-installed, but the long-term stability of Debian, with leading edge software (not cutting edge, like Arch or Siduction).


And once I finished the article, I felt like Bedrock was 1 step closer to an idea that I had many years ago for consumer computers.  Sell the consumer the hardware kit they want, with UEFI/EFI/BIOS for hardware tweaks, but the OS is VirtualBox....waiting for the consumer to install what they want...Linux, OSX, Windows, Chrome....whatever.  Bedrock isn't quite THAT, but it's another step closer.


Interesting package!  Anyone else familiar?  What are YOUR experiences?

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Yeah, that review caught my eye yesterday evening. I don't think I'll be trying Bedrock, but it does look interesting.

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V.T. Eric Layton
Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones.
They're the modern stone age family.
From the town of Bedrock,
They're a page right out of history.

Let's ride with the family down the street.
Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet.

When you're with the Flintstones
Have a yabba dabba doo time.
A dabba doo time.
We'll have a gay old time.
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