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Get a Fun Vintage Terminal



Basically Cool Retro Term functions as a Terminal.app alternative that is heavily stylized to replicate that wonderful vintage look, and you can choose between a whole variety of color schemes and display effects to emphasize this. From that grungy looking amber on black text, to green on black, or white on black text, but the real fun comes with the various display effects of screen burn, jitters, scan lines, flickering, screen curvature, and the big blocky pixels that defined the dinosaur computing error. It’s not quite the antikythera mechanism, but it’s close enough for some of us.


The above article is Apple based but it was rather neat and is pretty informative. Cool-retro-term runs on Linux and Windows.







Whilst a majority of articles claim that you will find it hard to use cool-retro-term as a daily driver you can configure it via settings to be a perfectly acceptable tool. There are many ways you can use cool-retro-term if you think out of the box. For example,


ncmpc running in Cool-Retro-Term



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I seen it a few years ago and played around with it then. It's neat if you want a retro look.

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Just showing a couple of different profiles from the link above. Top and bottom screenshots would be ok to use daily but I think the green one would not. This cool-retro-term would be very useful for folk making You Tube guides as you can change profiles with a couple of clicks. On some of the YT guides you can hardly see what is going on in the terminals they show. 😎

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