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siduction developer Axel Beu (ab) passes


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From devil, siduction team member:


It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the passing of our siduction-core member, sponsor and dear friend Axel Beu (ab) from Hamburg. He died of a heart attack last Saturday at the age of 51.

Most of you probably never heard of him, he kept in the background but was always there when you needed him. Not only that, but he provided our infrastructure for many years. But that's not what we'll miss him for, it's for his positive outlook on life, his innovative thinking and his warm humanity. His inability to rest has cost him his life and has now given him his final rest. He will be missed by us and siduction. R.I.P.


Sad to lose one so young. Rest peacefully now, Axel.

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Hedon James

Wow....close to my age....sobering thoughts of mortality.  TIME really is the most precious gift.


On a related note....I wonder how the Siduction team is coping.  One of their lead developers, Alf Gaida, just mysteriously disappeared from the planet last year with no warning to anyone and hasn't been heard from, or about, since.  And now Axel Beu.  Siduction is a "small team" distro and I can't help but wonder how many hits their development team can take in such a short time frame before it adversely affects their distro.  They've done a marvelous job "taming" Sid, but how deep is the team?  Debian is probably the largest distro, in terms of developers and users, so I guess the talent pool is there to draw upon; but it's a concern.


No one cares (as much) if a crappy distro disappears...sometimes no one even notices.  Siduction is NOT one of those distros though!  JMO...

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That is pretty young to die. Was he in bad health or something? 


Nuts that one of them completely disappeared and was never heard from again. Wild stuff

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