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obmenu-generator in Debian bullseye


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Any of you window manager wizards running Openbox in Debian bullseye? I have been playing around with OB and I can get tint2 and nitrogen to work but there's no obmenu-generator available because of some deprecated packages. So I'm stuck with the lame openbox default menu. Have you got any suggested workarounds, aside from going back to Debian buster?

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Hedon James

Ahhh.....I think I remember this issue when I was using Sparky.  Sparky patched it for a bit before they threw in the towel.  Perhaps obmenu will suit your needs?



If not obmenu, you might want to try MenuMaker.  Not sure if its in Debian repos, but if it isn't you can download and compile from here:



I used menumaker briefly, before I found xdgmenumaker and decided I liked xdgmenumaker better....but it doesn't do Openbox format.  jgmenu is probably the ultimately configurable menu maker for WMs.  I certainly don't have it mastered, but I've played with it enough to realize how powerful and supremely flexible it is.



Not sure if its in Debian repos, but it's in Arch repos and there's an excellent tutorial for ArcoLinux:



Once installed, I'm sure the rest of the tutorial will apply.  Also check out BunsenLabs forums.  They've recently adopted jgmenu as the default menu generator for their distro and they have some gurus over there, including the developer of jgmenu, who is very responsive and helpful on that forum.  FWIW...

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I upgraded my Buster systems w/ Openbox to Bullseye, so I've still got the same Openbox menus I had before. I use a static menu, for the most part, except for one line that gives me an additional applications menu (I've included the comment that I added):


        <!-- added the following line for LXDE applications menu; requires lxmenu-data and openbox-menu packages to work -->
        <menu execute="openbox-menu lxde-applications.menu" id="apps" label="Applications"/>


I don't really use the Applications menu much, but I like having it there.


The menu.xml file isn't as easy to work with as the Fluxbox menu file, but I'm okay with taking a copy of an old menu.xml file and re-using it, with a few edits as needed. Basically just a copy/paste job. Not a problem as long as I've got a copy of an old menu file to work from.


Here's a screenshot showing that Applications menu (or submenu, I guess) opened up:



I could use the "Applications" part for my menu and leave out the rest. Anyway, this is how I'm doing it. I hope I added that screenshot correctly!


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Lots of geeking around today. I also installed picom and got it running with Openbox. Then I changed my LXQt session to use Openbox and the animations work great in LXQt. I still like my bling though. :yes:

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