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That is what it takes to get an MX-Linux install on a USB drive so you can actually save stuff. None of the USB image maker software I had could make a persistent thumbdrive. I ended up booting a second MX-Linux USB and then cloning it with MX Linux's live USB Maker onto a 32 GB Sony flash drive I have here. Then I went through the steps of making *that* drive persistent. After that it took a couple of hours to update all the packages. I installed Midori and I'm using the thumbdrive to post. It is very slow but at least it works. I would never want to use this drive for anything but rescue though.

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Actually having 2 USBs - one the MX-Linux Live Distro and the other your target drive - works quite well. Ventoy looks more flexible though, especially if you wanr to make (say) Linux Mint with persistence.

The persistent install is very slow. I get read speeds of around 20 MBps vs 500+ with my Toshiba SSD.

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On 3/19/2021 at 8:42 AM, zlim said:

I make my live sticks in a Windows computer and Mint has persistence.


I assume you are making your sticks in a linux computer so your programs are different.


Does this help for the future?





I've used the Mkusb in the past and it works well. It basically creates a partition (fat32 I think) to hold all of the settings and allows you to copy files to windows as well. Last year I was tasked with creating a wipe image at work and that method worked well because the log had to be able to be accessible via a window's machine for verification.


I can give the details when I get to work if anyone is interested but it basically created the log file with system details when you hit the desktop of the image. Then you copied that file over the persistant partition. It also launched a utility to secure wipe SSDs and another option for spinning disks that gave you like 10 wipe methods to choose from (we used the DoD one).

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