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Steam Link Is Now Available on Linux to Stream Your Steam Games from Any PC


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Valve and Collabora announced today that the Steam Link app is now available for Linux-based operating systems to help you stream Steam games from any other PC in your house.


Launched by Valve a few years ago, the Steam Link app is available free of charge for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Raspberry Pi devices to let you stream your Steam games to phones, tablets, and TVs.


Thanks to the awesome developers from Collabora, the Steam Link app is now available for 64-bit Linux systems as a Flatpak app that you can install on any GNU/Linux distribution from Flathub.


The app will let you stream Steam games from Windows or Mac computers, where Valve’s Steam Client is running, on your Linux PC.


To start streaming Steam games from other computers, all you need is the Steam Link app and a powerful wireless network, preferably 5 GHz. Valve strongly recommends using a wired network when streaming games..........





In other words, you can stream and play high end games from your linux computer to a tablet, laptop, etc. using the host's hardware.


It currently comes as a flatpak but I am sure that you will see a version in the AUR soon enough as well if you're like me and don't want to install a flatpak.

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15 minutes ago, abarbarian said:

Would be useful if I had a Windows pc 😎


Um, this is for Linux. No windows computer required

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