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Universal Android Debloater


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Haven't tried this yet so don't know how well it works, but intend to try it soon.



I just bought a new Realme 7 Pro phone which was named as one of the best midrange phones in several reviews. They said it was good value at $AU599 so I looked around and got one for $AU469. 🏆😎  That's about tree.fiddy in $US. 😁

Looks good so far but has a few apps that are useless to me, same as any phone.

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Haven't even tried tweaking the phone much yet. It does phone calls, SMS, Telegram, Slack and Ingress. The Realme UI doesn't seem very intrusive so far. Maybe I'll try it on a rainy day. Sad that Asciiquarium live wallpaper is not in the PlayStore any more though.

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4 hours ago, abarbarian said:

Did you try it out ? Did it work ?


Android 10 lets you disable a lot of apps is that not the same thing ?



The point of the debloater is that does a whole list of bloat at one time, rather than you doing them one at a time.

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