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split view in thunar


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V.T. Eric Layton

I am totally at a loss to understand what's going on here because my Thunar has had these capabilities for as far back as I can remember.


  • Thunar now finally features a split view, allowing you to use the file manager as a dual-pane file explorer/commander.

    Read more at 9to5Linux.com: Xfce’s Thunar File Manager Gets Split View, File Creation Times, and More https://9to5linux.com/?p=6349

    split view, allowing you to use the file manager as a dual-pane file explorer/commander.

  • file creation time/date in the list view column

  • a unified sort menu that can also be used for the detailed view

  • the ability to display all available volumes by default

  • the ability to always create new files and folders in the current directory

  • et cetera

Here's what my Thunar looks like:





Below Release Notes from -> Xfce - Thunar official website


Release notes for 4.17.0
I am pleased to provide you this thunar development release, adding
plenty of new features.
Split view, file creation time, uca submenus, unified sort menu ..  just
to mention some eye-catchers.

As well some bugfixes and many translation updates are included.

Thanks alot to all contributors !

Here the complete changelog:

- By default show all available volumes (#384)
- Add "created" column to list view (#478)
- Add suffix '- Thunar' to the title bar (Issue #482)
- Dont select previous file after delete/trash (Issue #477)
- Increase min. size of "text" field in bulk renamer (Issue #474)
- Add option to forget application association (Issue #197)
- Regression: "Open with other application" missing (Issue #470)
- New feature: Split View (Issue #445)
- Revert "Fix popup menus size (Bug #15832)"
- Always create new files and folders in current directory (Issue #462)
- Improve file operations progress dialog (Issue #365)
- Prevent crash on Ctrl+H when there is no sidepane (Issue #453)
- Roleback to previous spinner handling (Issue #448)
- Add option to unselect all files (Issue #424)
- Unset tree view cursor if toplevel path is unknown (Issue #351)
- Remove GSourceFunc casts
- Add submenus for custom actions (Issue #184)
- REFACTOR: always queue_popup in details view on right click (#421)
- merged master from upstream
- Dont use ThunarFiles when they are already destoyed
- Use single main menu category in .desktop files (Issue #40)
- Add toggle in preferences to allow running shell scripts (Issue #224)
- Add action to toggle sort direction (#130)
- Use sort menu as well for detailed view (#139)
- Add support to created date in file properties
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Armenian (Armenia), Asturian, Basque,
  Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong),
  Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Eastern Armenian, English
  (Australia), English (United Kingdom), Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish,
  French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic,
  Indonesian, Interlingue, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian,
  Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Occitan (post 1500),
  Panjabi (Punjabi), Persian (Iran), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese
  (Brazil), Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu, Thai,
  Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Urdu (Pakistan), Uyghur, Vietnamese
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Well, I just now booted up a live session of Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce, thinking I might have been missing something all these years, but I don't think so. Thunar hasn't had split view like what you find in SpaceFm, or Double Commander, Midnight Commander, etc. Thunar does have a "Side Pane", but that isn't what I'm talking about. Plasma's Dolphin also has an option for split view (I have a button up on the toolbar in Dolphin that toggles the split view). I got addicted to having split view from using SpaceFM, but now I mainly use Double Commander, and I always make sure to have mc installed as well. Sometimes I need to use Dolphin and normally toggle on the split view when I do.

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V.T. Eric Layton

Ah... so it's terminology that has me confused. I always thought a "split view" meant having that side pane. I guess I'll have to fire up Dolphin and see what a real split view looks like...




Ah! So that's split view. I C now. Not something I would necessarily need to utilize, but handy to have, I guess. Thanks for the assist there, @saturnian. :)

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Well, back before Dolphin came along (I remember it was named D3lphin at first!), I used Konqueror in the old KDE, and it could split the view multiple times. In fact I have Konqueror installed in Kubuntu right now, with "Split View Top/Bottom" and "Split View Left/Right" buttons on the toolbar. Every time you click on one of those, it splits the active view again. I used to take advantage of that a lot, but like I said, now I mainly use Double Commander.




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V.T. Eric Layton

Hmm... the current Konqueror I have installed on my machine (Version 4.14.13) is more of a tabbed browser than a file manager these days.

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Yeah, man, it's like web browser mode is the default now or whatever. Also I don't think it's being maintained very well, not sure. What happened to the profiles?? I had been setting it up to open as a file manager in the past. The following does open the home directory in Konqueror:


konqueror ~



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I usually do not use graphical file managers much but pcmanfm is always installed on my systems. It's been my go to for years when I need to use a gui fm.

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