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Vaccinations ???


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I originally posted this on another forum last Tuesday.


Anyone got one yet ?

I have a booking for my first jab at 20.05 tomorrow evening at a site near Cardiff which is 97 miles away. So that is almost a 200 mile round trip, I wonder if I will be able to claim traveling expenses as it is a work related booking ?

I was sat at the pc this morning when a e-mail came through offering bookings for staff. So Ii imediately tried to book. Pesky old linux would let me view the site needed but would not let me fill in the Microsoft forms. So I had to dig out me old Windows pc which thankfully worked. Trouble was it was my sisters old pc and I could not get it to recognise her password, tried loads of variations until I remembered I had changed it to my Arch password.
Got the booking done. An then I had a very confusing e-mail confirming the booking but it had two times on it. Arggghhhh so I fired off a couple of e-mails to my manager but she was as puzzled as me but would look into it. There was no telephone or e-mail contact on the booking site so I could not ask them directly. All the time the clock was ticking and I was pretty stressed out as there were only so many vaccinations available.
I decided to contact the hospital where the jabs were to be given but they did not know anything about it but gave me a number to call for another department. Called the number and the same story. Called the number they gave me and a very nice lady offered to find out what was going on. She called me back after several stress filled hours on my part and confirmed me booking. Pheww that was a pretty awful few hours.
I recon it will be the Oxford offering which is not as effective as the Pfiefer one but it will be better than nothing. Apparently the Oxford one is more effective after the second shot.
I am quite relived as I have been quite worried since the beginning of December as the situation has worsened daily since then and had even considered stopping the voluntary driving for a while. Of course the vaccination is not 100% effective so even with the shots you need lady luck riding along with you.

Stay safe folks and I hope you all get the shots asap if you decide to have them.:cool:
With a follow up post on last Thursday.
Well I did not turn into a three headed monster after the vaccination injection. Had no side effects but my arm is pretty sore this morning, I never had a sore arm after the flu jab.
To my surprise it was the Pzifer variant that I received. It seems that they are delaying giving folk the second shot and giving a first shot to as many folks as possible with the first batch of the vaccine.Looks like Tony Blair's suggestion has been acted upon. This means that instead of having the second shot in three weeks time there is now a twelve week wait for the second shot. While I would be much happier to get the second shot earlier I fully support the was the vaccination is being rolled out. It means that more folk are protected in a shorter time. If I have understood the facts correctly, 50% of folk with one shot will be fully protected. The other 50% will have a partial protection so that if they contract the virus they will have a much reduced reaction to it and almost no risk of dying.
Out come of this is that I will have some protection from the virus in a few days time, it takes up to a week to give protection after the jab. Then after the second shot in twelve weeks time or possibly earlier I should have 90 to 95 % protection from the virus. That is if I do not have any side effects from the second shot. Apparently side effects are more common after the second shot and can take up to a week to manifest. The chances of side effects are very low and generally do not last for long.
My stress levels have gone way down even after twentyfour hours but I will not be fully de-stressed until after the second shot. At the moment I am on a short break from the voluntary driving as I worked right through from Jan 7th until 8.30 Christmas Eve and thought I deserved a break. I am going back on the 12th and will continue until the middle of May when hopefully I will be able to take a pre booked holiday in the Lakes with me biking buddies.

So keep on the ball folks. Stay safe and healthy until you get the vaccination and keep up protective measures until the whole country is vaccinated. :cool:
Still alive with no noticeable side effects. I am definitely feeling less stressed and certainly have a more positive and optimistic outlook for the future. 😎
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V.T. Eric Layton

I DO want the vaccine. Unfortunately, the way the roll-out is going in my area, I probably won't get it until around June, from the looks of things.

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Well I am healthy and never get sick anyway. I am not worried about it any. 

That said, if I were elderly or in bad health, I would want the vaccine.

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V.T. Eric Layton
48 minutes ago, securitybreach said:

...you arent going to change my mind.


Wasn't even going to try. That was my point.


Moving on now...

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We haven't been notified as to when we can get the vaccine. Right now they appear to be concentrating on front line medical people and inhabitants of long term care homes. 

Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are approved in Canada and they are looking at the Oxford vaccine too.

I'll be right at the front of the line when its available. For now I'll just stay home. Case load in my area is relatively low compared to major cities like Toronto or Montreal.

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On 1/11/2021 at 6:51 AM, securitybreach said:

Nope and don't plan to. I don't get flu shots either.


Something we agree on, Josh. BTW, wasn't the subject of covid ruled

'political' in here? I'm just sayin'... I had a thread locked down on me because

another Scot's member claimed my posts were upsetting to them. That's a lot

of responsibility, ya know- being held responsible for another person's

feelings. Never asked for that job but I got it anyway. Things had been

contentious but generally civil in that thread. The complainer had not,

as best I recall, even participated in that thread. They could have changed

the channel...


Personally, I feel there is room for debate. But whatever...


Please note I am not saying this topic is upsetting to me! I would dearly

love for this venue to be big enough to support such a debate. Politicizing

that issue was specifically for the purpose of preventing such debate,

and that strategy has worked brilliantly so far. People have been scared

witless by this thing- unnecessarily. Many are cowed and intimidated.

I am not... My natural, God-given, native immune system has served me

well. I trust it- completely. Healthy people generally don't get sick.


The amount of censorship we live with in today's world is stunning,

unprecedented. But folks are gradually uncovering workarounds to that,

my research is showing.  Unless the internet were completely shut down,

I don't think those back channels could be entirely suppressed. But no

doubt they could be criminalized, however. There is nothing evil hates

more than the truth, the disinfecting power of sunlight. Let some light in!




P.S. I have never ever had a flu shot. Me getting sick is very rare indeed.

I am surviving quite well without them. Go figure...


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Several friends, family members, or co-workers of mine have been infected with COVID-19. One has died. I've got many family members who are "front-line" workers and/or health care workers.


With my own age and health issues, I feel that I have to take all of this very seriously.


Good for you that you rarely get sick and all that. Have you ever had pneumonia? I have. Three times. I'm certainly gonna do everything I can to avoid having to go through anything like that again.


People in these threads know a lot about computers, but discussing things like this virus here seems like a waste of time. Seems to me that opinionated people don't usually change their minds about things, and if there are any real experts on this topic here, maybe their time would be better spent helping people elsewhere instead of spouting off here. Peace.

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You are courageous in directly addressing my comments. I do respect that.



Seems to me that opinionated people don't usually change their minds about things,

and if there are any real experts on this topic here, maybe their time would be better

spent helping people elsewhere instead of spouting off here. Peace.


Respectfully disagree there. I have personally witnessed opinionated folk show an

open mind and eventually modify their positions. Granted we might not see that often,

but OTOH I have seen it repeatedly during my long life.


"Spouting off" is a most revealing choice of wording. Not hard at all to interpret. You

want to stifle discussion of the matter- or suppress it entirely. Your use of "peace" here

appears to be strictly pro forma and insincere. Wish that were otherwise...


I have been impressed with the degree of expertise many average but educated folks

have taken on- in self defense- amid the cognitive dissonance that is the official cov

narrative. Which narrative is mostly a fraud BTW. And I have the science to support

my contentions. Here I mean studies and published, peer reviewed articles that counter

the prevailing false narrative. The medical field is far from unified on the matter. I've

heard from a number of them  who have the guts to speak out and the science to

support them. We also have a wealth of informed, practical experience by MD's and

others who have had the courage to do right by their patients and try proven

methods which have helped in the past, in their collective experience and past

clinical practice. We should listen to them but instead we are attacking such people.

That's a real shame.


I am so sorry for your losses, and for the fear and worry the times have put you

under. I too have had my losses. My dear wife Betty passed in the spring of 2019,

and I am still in grief from that. I lost my eldest sister, also a dear friend of some

50 years, both in the past 8 years. I am no stranger to this. It really hurts! I understand

at least some of your situation. Fran Parker's passing in 2020 (lilBambi in Scot's)

was hurtful to many of us here as well... I lost my middle sister back about 12

years ago, and just recently learned that my youngest sister was killed in a

car accident in 2020. My little brother, 13 years younger, is still alive, but I

suspect I will outlive him as well. Point of all this being- there is plenty of pain

to go around and more to come...


Laissez faire works better than scorched earth, trust me on this. I do not

solicit any further criticism from you, but OTOH I am thick skinned enough to

tolerate it and dish it back. I propose some form of loose knit harmony as far

better than just another flame war. Your call. (and Josh and the other admins)

I support peace and I also support informed debate. The two are not

incompatible... I will not allow myself to be driven by you  from Scot's unless

the admins support that- in which case, bye... I know how to get along, I also

recognize lies when I see them. I cannot countenance the dishonesty, it's

killing a lot of innocents...




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I haven't gotten the vaccine yet, but I will. My son got the first shot yesterday because of his job. I get flu shots sometimes, but not even close to every year. I did get one this year, though.


Beyond that, just wanna say, my apologies to all. I shouldn't have bothered to reply. Or to even start looking at this thread. I'm getting along ok but things have been like a living nightmare around me, and when people try to make it like it's all no big deal or something, it can be hard to take sitting down. I'll stay out of these conversations from now on. I don't come here intending to talk about and read about anything but Linux.

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V.T. Eric Layton

I've reversed the moderations I made on this thread a few moments ago... and deleted my post regarding that moderation.


I'm not totally unbiased or fair-minded at this moment. Moderating by me would not be a good idea. If another Mod/Admin wants to handle this, fine.


I'm out...

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Covid 19 is a big deal. It has killed folks. So too have the lockdowns

It's all a sad and worrying situation.



people try to make it like it's all no big deal or something


Nope. Not even remotely true. People don't understand the contrary arguments, obviously.

But putting words falsely in others' mouths is very dirty pool.


It is a huge deal. Probably one of the greater problems in our society today.


Probably just as well I missed a bunch of deleted comments. This is clearly one of

the hottest, most divisive controversies of modern times. I feel sad about that.

Most of us are going to be all right though.

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Here are just a couple of very short videos made by real professional health care workers on the front line in the fight to combat covid-19 here in the UK.


Coronavirus: Inside an ICU fighting Covid-19 - April 2020


Covid patient urges people not to visit family at Christmas - Dec 2020


Covid: Voices of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh's ICU - January 2021


Covid doctor says her ICU patients are 'far towards' younger ages - Jan 2021


Of course all the above may be fakes and so might be covid-19. An all the measures that governments world wide have taken to try to mitigate the damage the virus is causing may be a load of old rubbish and political control of society. The vaccines that are being produced may also be some sort of wierd attempt by governments to control populations.


Personally I think the virus is real, it is damaging to health and it kills, an I think that the vaccines produced will help. 😷

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Injured Shawn Skelton- In Her Own Words


"Woman Suffers Convulsions..."


Comments by her son Brent Griner:


Brant Griner FB

This is what the Pfizer covid19 vaccine has done to my Mom. Everyone please pray for her.
She was admitted to the hospital. And be cautious about taking the vaccine. I'm sure it
is good for some people but you… More need to think about is this vaccine worth taking?
It's not for me. Please share this post we need help finding answers

Update 1-12-21
Mom Is getting even worse today and still don't have any answers from doctors as to how
to fix this. Please pray for her I can't stand to see my mom this way it makes me want
to cry knowing I can't do anything to help her. Please don't take the covid19 vaccine...

The link shows a still. I have seen the video but FB has disabled it..

She can barely walk, only by holding onto things. Heartrending...


Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor


‘Perfectly Healthy’ Florida Doctor Dies Weeks After Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine


Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine





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I'm 81 yrs old and thus qualified for the vacination in early January.  But the supply was so limited that it took almost two months for me to get the first shot.  Just got it today and breathing a big sigh of relief.😁

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Louisiana just hit the 1 million mark in vacination and guess what?  Not a single report of ANYONE suffering from side effects other than a little soreness at the injection site.  But I know that won't impress the naysayers.  They'll just claim we don't know the "long term effects".  Of course we've been using this same type of vacination for decades, so the "long term effects" ARE known.

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V.T. Eric Layton

@Bookmem... I'll agree with most of what you've said here; however, this statement is incorrect:


1 hour ago, Bookmem said:

Of course we've been using this same type of vacination for decades


mRNA vaccinations have been studied for quite some time, but have NEVER been used in humans for any purpose until Covid-19. Read more about mRNA vaccines here --> https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/mrna.html


Since they have never been used before, there is the possibility of long-term effects. That being said, though, because of the way mRNA vaccinations work (they never enter a living cell in the human body) -- focused and precision triggering of the body's immune system to recognize the Covid-19 virus and disable its ability to replicate within human cells -- there is very, very little chance of the type of side effects that some "dead virus" type vaccines have shown in the past.

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22 hours ago, V.T. Eric Layton said:

but have NEVER been used in humans for any purpose until Covid-19.


Not quite true matey. Less of the fud please 😜


Five things you need to know about: mRNA vaccine safety




Human trials of cancer vaccines using the same mRNA technology have been taking place since at least 2011. ‘If there was a real problem with the technology, we’d have seen it before now for sure,’ said Prof. Goldman.

Because the technology can be deployed extremely rapidly, and clinical trials have been so successful, mRNA platforms will be an important means of preparing for future epidemics, he says.




mRNA vaccines — a new era in vaccinology



mRNA vaccines represent a promising alternative to conventional vaccine approaches because of their high potency, capacity for rapid development and potential for low-cost manufacture and safe administration. However, their application has until recently been restricted by the instability and inefficient in vivo delivery of mRNA. Recent technological advances have now largely overcome these issues, and multiple mRNA vaccine platforms against infectious diseases and several types of cancer have demonstrated encouraging results in both animal models and humans. This Review provides a detailed overview of mRNA vaccines and considers future directions and challenges in advancing this promising vaccine platform to widespread therapeutic use.


I was due to have my second shot of the vaccine on the 24th March but this has been brought forward to the 13th March. Downside of this is I have to leave the house at 6-30 am as I have a 100 mile drive to the vaccination centre. Upside is I might get to see dawn for the first time in decades. 😂

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V.T. Eric Layton

I guess the CDC's article wasn't as entailed and informative. Anyway, I'm done in this thread. You folks have fun now. :)

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Well I got to see the dawn and had my second jab on Saturday. Me newly rebuilt Royal wheel is finished and posted back to me. Weather is improving and I may even get me weeks motorcycling holiday in May as it looks like lockdown is easing over here. 2021 is shaping up miles better than 2020.

Oh yeah and me Arch install is coming along nicely too.😀

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We got a late start in Australia but most health and services workers have at least their first shots, and elderly residents are now getting some. We just had local production of AstraZeneca vaccine come on line so pace will ramp up quickly.

But then we don't have any COVID19 in Australia now, so we have crowds at footy matches, live entertainment, and I get to go swimming regularly at the pool. No mandatory masks except on public transport. Read and weep, rest of the world. 😛

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