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My adventures with Apple Silicon


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I did something I normally never do with a new Apple product - purchase the first iteration. So on November 11, a day after the announcement, I ordered an M1 MacBook Pro. I finally received on December 8.


I love it. It is cool, literally and figuratively. Apple Migration Assistant was a cinch to move my old Mac's apps and settings. Most apps run under Rosetta 2. The ones that don't (Sonic Pi, VMware Fusion, VMware Remote Console) are not showstoppers as compatible versions are coming.


My only peeve with it is a problem with the screen when the notebook comes out of sleep. It doesn't turn on (the screen is black), but the computer is running because I can use the Touch Bar, talk to Siri, etc. After a few days of this behaviour I contacted Apple Support and so far they don't have a solution. I did discover that closing the lid and opening it again turns the screen back on. WTF?


So before going to the extreme of reinstalling the MacOS, Apple suggested one more step: uncheck the setting to dim the display when on battery. I'll try that for a day to see if that helps.

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