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saving bookmarks


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I know this is more of a networking topic but I am talking about accessing PCLinuxOs from Ubuntu so please bare with me. Normally when I want to move bookmarks from one browser to another I go into the first one and export them somewhere so I can access them from the other browser. Is there something I can do from the console in PCLinuxOS or from Ubuntu? I am planning to save the most that she has on a 3rd partition but I don't know what to do with the bookmarks.Thanks!

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I'm on mobile but there is a config directory that has the bookmark file. It will be in /home/username/.config/Google/chrome/default.. or the mozilla directory.

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Is your PCLOS browser Firefox?  If so, you can copy the entire "profile" from your home directory.  It is located in a hidden folder in your home directory, with a random looking alpha-numeric file name ending in "*.default", and a "companion" file called profile.ini.


For instance, the full path should look something like this:



Just copy the *.default file.  When setting up a new system, Firefox will create a brand new alphanumeric *.default profile and companion profile.ini that executes the *.default profile.  Paste your OLD (copied) *.default folder in the same directory, alongside the newly created *.default profile.  Then modify the line in profile.ini to tell firefox which profile to execute, by changing it FROM the existing *.default folder TO your copied over *.default folder.


TADA...entire Firefox setup, including bookmarks, layout, etc... is completely copied over to new machine.


I can't help with Chrome.  Don't use it much.  On the other hand, what are the chances you are using Firefox Sync to sync bookmarks, like Google Chrome syncs?  For future reference, eh.....

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10 minutes ago, réjean said:

Thanks! Unfortunately I cannot see the hidden files.


yes you can.  from the terminal use ls to list the files and the flag -a to see all files.

ls -a


cd to hidden directories just like any other:

cd .mozilla


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Found this for Google bookmarks, copied & pasted from





Locating in Linux

Google Chrome stores bookmark files in the path "/home/<your username>/.config/google-chrome/Default/" or in "/home/<your username>/.config/chromium/Default/" depending on which versions of Linux and Chrome you are using. It is best to get at these files from the command line because the "." character in front of "config" in the path indicates that ".config" is a hidden directory. It may not appear in some graphical file viewers. Once you get to these files you can modify, delete or copy them for back up.




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