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the sandisk flip thumbdrive actually works

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6 hours ago, crp said:


Old news. I have a 64 GB Kingston flip drive that I bought a couple of years ago or possibly even longer than that. Worked really well with MX with persistence as a backup drive. Ran pretty speedily when used in the usb-c socket.


Until a couple of weeks ago. I was updating the MX install on it when I noticed smoke rising from it, immediately went to unplug it and it was red hot, hot enough to create a blister on me pinky.  Thank goodness I was siting with it in view and not away from the desk making a coffee. Reminds me I must get some house insurance.




Hmm this is yet another instance of MX glitching. Maybe that covid for computers in not just hot air after all.🤔

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I own this San Disk pO0CJA6.jpg

because 3 of my 4 android devices are pre USB-C devices.

It works but it isn't as smooth as a flip. You have to press the button in the middle to pop out the correct connector.


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