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nixos , sounds like the anti operating system


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I've seen a couple of people say they're using it for audio production and it does look fascinating. He barely touched on the Nix package manager which I believe is quite different and amazing.

It was quite interesting to watch, especially so for me as I rarely can maintain focus on a 35 minute video blog.

I won't be using it for now as programs can't be compiled on it and I've been trying to teach myself some MIDI programming and often find the latest version of programs like Qtractor and Bsequencer work better than the ones available in repos so I've been compiling a few lately. Also would take a significant amount of time to learn the new ways of managing it and that time for me is allotted to learning music production programs.

On a side note, it amazes my how podcasters set themselves up with a mini recording studio when a simple microphone plugged into an interface with a short software plugin chain would give the same result. It's their money I guess. 😜

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