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Ancestry DNA is quite amazing. Through testing and correlation of millions of samples. it appears it's done something quite fabulous for my family history.

Three generations of geneaologists traced the family history of John Price (1769-1848) but though they tried for over a century, they were never able to trace back any further than John himself. JP came to Canada after the Revolutionary War.

Now it looks as if we can go back 2 more generations to an Edward Pryce of Forden Wales  born 1703. No hard documentation, just a good probability and a plausible backstory. It's pretty convincing though.

If true it would mean that my granddaughter Susannah Margaret McLean bears the names of both her 7X great-grandmothers, and my grandson Teddy has the same name as his 8X great-grandfather. Not intentional of course, but interesting.

My great-aunt Helen would have loved it.

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Neat stuff

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