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State of the O/S July 2020


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Here's how things are looking with the eclectic collection of PCs around the house as of summer 2020.

  1. New ASUS Vivobook - Ryzen 5. This one came with Windows 10 and I am continuing to use it that way.
  2. Daily Driver desktop #1 - Acer Veriton about 7 years old and extensively upgraded. It came with Windows 7 and now runs Windows 10. I have the option to run Linux in a virtual machine.
  3. Daily Driver desktop #2 - now 6 years old and a DIY build. Runs Linux Mint 20 since I just upgraded it today.
  4. Lenovo Thinkpad T430 - runs Debian Gnome and is my major travel machine.
  5. Lenovo Flex2-15D laptop - about 5 years old, recently got a new SSD. I had Linux Mint on this but I just can't take more than one installation of LM. So I have switched to MX-18 which it ran before I put in the SSD. It seems snappier and I like Xfce in this laptop.
  6. Toshiba netbook - about 10 years old. It's slow and memory challenged but runs Arch Linux like a champ. I use the LXQt desktop here.
  7. Old cruddy clone Desktop from 2008 - used only to play music in the junk room, runs MX-18 and not worth upgrading.
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