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When it comes to virtual computing I swing both ways. Like many Linux users I have Linux on the rails as host, with a Windows guest. But I also run a Windows 10 host with a couple of possible Linux guests. I find the latter to be better for me. Here's why:

  1. I have little use for virtual Windows. Most of the stuff I use Windows for is very graphics intensive - train sims, photo management. That just doesn't work in a virtual machine.
  2. Licensing hassles. I can install Linux anywhere including on Windows hosts without any licensing issues. My Windows guest is activated - it's an upgraded Windows 7 install from a deceased laptop - but I am pretty sure it's a pirate install. I am not about to buy a retail copy to use in a VBox though.
  3. Security - my on the rails Windows has Eset and Malwarebytes to protect it. In VBox I just have Windows Defender.
  4. Updates - I use Windows in VBox so infrequently I am probably years behind in updates.
  5. VBox itself. I found in the past that the Windows version was a bit better than the Linux version when it comes to performance. VBox is getting better in Linux though.
  6. Recreational computing. I am much more likely to want to use Linux on Windows than vice versa.

I have been tempted to get rid of my virtual Windows install but it took me so long to get it working in the first place L hesitate to do it. There is a fair sunk cost in time and aggravation. So I guess it'll stay unless I get malware.

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