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Distros, DEs and WMs


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With my futzing around lately I thought I'd document the state of Linux on my collection of museum pieces here.

  1. Toshiba netbook from 2010. Arch Linux with Fluxbox. This machine is really only good for proof of concept use. I installed Arch Linux over a year ago and it's stable and reliable. I was using Xfce but Flux is better and I can practice my menu programming here.
  2. Thinkpad T430 from 2013. Debian with LXQt and Flux WM. Still powerful, fast and useful. My travel machine, assuming I ever travel again. I did have GNOME here but I switched recently.
  3. Lenovo Flex2 from 2014. MX-19 with Xfce. This one's in my basement workshop and my wife uses it so I keep an easy to use DE on it. It is powerful enough but has a slow mechanical hard disk.
  4. Home built desktop from 2013. Linux Mint with Cinnamon. Lots of family members use this so I use a Windows like environment. This is my best machine. Very fast and powerful even with a heavier desktop.
  5. Legacy clone desktop from 2008. MX-18 with Xfce This one plays music in the workroom and doesn't do much else. It sits on the floor and it is a pain to configure while down on the concrete so I just install and forget. It still runs great with a lighter system.
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Five cheap, low-spec notebooks here:


- Compaq Presario CQ56: Dual boot, Debian Buster (Openbox & Fluxbox) and Arch (Xfce, Openbox, LXQt)
- Compaq Presario CQ57: Arch (installed using Anarchy) (Xfce & Fluxbox)
- (another) Compaq Presario CQ57: Debian Buster (LXQt & Openbox)
- HP 15 G72: Dual boot, Debian Buster (Openbox) and Debian Buster (GNOME)
- HP 15-ba015wm: Kubuntu Focal (KDE & Fluxbox)


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