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Apple at the Oscars !!!!

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‘Jojo Rabbit’ Oscar Winner Taika Waititi Jokes WGA Needs To Fix “Impossible” Keyboards During Next Round Of AMPTP Talks – Backstage



As the WGA looks to meet up with the AMPTP over some serious demands, we asked Adapted Screenplay Jojo Rabbit Oscar winner Taika Waititi tonight what his thoughts were on what writers should be asking for in the next round of talks.

After telling us quite seriously at the WGAE Awards last weekend, where he also won Best Adapted Screenplay, that “The last big negotiation [in 2007] was just as streaming was on the table. It is the platform and it’s where we all make our bread and butter now. So we have to re-negotiate,” Waititi launched into a hysterical rant in the press room about…keyboards.



Well he certainly picked a hi profile event to vent his frustration.


Also spotted this,


Report: FBI Got Apple to Roll Over on iCloud Encryption




Apple shelved plans to give iPhone users control over encrypted backups stored on the company's iCloud service over concerns raised by the FBI and internal sources, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The company made the decision to retain control over iCloud encryption around two years ago, but it came to light just recently, the news service noted, citing six sources familiar with the matter.

The plan would have removed Apple's ability to decrypt users' backups. The company dropped it after representatives of the FBI complained that taking that action would deny the agency one of the most effective means of gaining evidence against iPhone-using suspects, Reuters reported.



I never could understand the attraction of Apple products and never wanted to own any due to the vendor lock in. They are pretty and do their job well but are so overpriced 😱



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