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Microsoft Surface Event

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Microsoft Introduced new Surface products today, the most unexpected of them being the Surface Neo and Surface Duo:


Surface Neo -- a foldable dual-screen device with a detachable keyboard that magnetically seals to the back and can be flipped on top of the bottom display.  Also included is the new Surface Slim Pen that magnetically attaches to the back and charges at the same time.


Surface Duo -- a phone!  No, it isn't a Microsoft phone.  It is Android and includes Microsoft Launcher.  Like the Surface Neo, it also has a foldable dual-screen but with 5.6 inch displays so it can fit in your pocket.


The tech press is filled with articles about all of the new devices.  A few examples that have pictures and other information about the new products:


Microsoft Surface event, everything announced: Pro 7, Pro X, Neo, Duo - Business Insider
Microsoft Surface fall 2019 event: Everything announced | Windows Central
Microsoft's 2019 Surface event by the numbers


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