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I always keep one Linux install in VirtualBox on my Windows 10 desktop. For a while I've been running Mageia 6 but a recent update borked everything and put me at the grub> prompt. I got rid of Mageia and looked for something else.

I tried an install of Siduction Patience KDE but the installer hung and failed halfway through. Then I installed MX Linux but could not get a fullscreen display in VBox. Then I tried Ubuntu MATE and it's working after I installed the latest Guest Additions.

And so it goes. I'll keep Ubnuntu MATE until I have some more issues. Nothing like VBox for distro farmimg.

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My railroad sims, mostly. Also for income tax (I prefer to do that on my own machine.) Plus many folks in the 'hood use Windows and to help them out I like to have it on one machine at least.

Windows 10 has actually been OK for me. I use Open Shell so the look and feel is Classic Windows 7 ( mouse and keyboard all the way.)

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I've looked into Proton. One sim sorta works with it, the other doesn't.


"Valve developed a compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components."


How to Enable Steam Play on Linux to Run Windows Games


Just go to Settings and then Steam Play as shown.




Most all games work flawlessly.

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