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Windows 10 Update Changes and Improvements


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Microsoft announced major changes in the Windows 10 Update process today. The changes are included in Windows 10 Version 1903, currently being tested by Windows Insiders and planned for release in late May.


Windows 10 Home users who have complained about lack of control for Windows Updates are going to be particularly happy with the changes.


Following is a brief synopsis of the changes.

  • Feature Updates --"Download and install now" is being added to Windows Update options. As long as your device has no known blocking issues, selecting that option will allow users to get the latest version without having to wait for it to be offered. This change is expected to available in Windows 10 versions 1803 and 1809 by late May.
  • Pause Updates -- Windows 10 Home Users will be able to pause updates up to 35 days. This can be done in 7-day increments up to five times. This applies to both feature and monthly updates.
  • Intelligent Active Hours -- A new option will be available to let Windows Update intelligently adjust active hours based on device-specific usage patterns.
  • Update Coordination -- Referred to as "improved update orchestration", the concept is to improve system performance by coordinating both Windows Updates and Microsoft Store updates when users are away from their devices.

Information about "Expanded focus on quality" including early detection of low-volume, high-severity issues, a "New public dashboard for increased issue transparency" on the Windows 10 Update History page, and more is available in the complete announcement on the Windows Experience Blog at Improving the Windows 10 update experience with control, quality and transparency.

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