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Windows 7 Ultimate will not save my Screen saving setting


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Hi all,


I have a weird problem with Windows 7 Ultimate which was factory-installed on my Dell Zino 410 which I purchased in 2010 and use with a ViewSonic VX924. I do not recall having this problem in the first years, nor when it started happening since then.


However, Win7Ult on my Zino will not save my power saving setting for putting the screen to sleep. I do not use other power saving settings, such as putting the HD to sleep. I also have an Intel NUC with Win7Ult and it lets the monitor go to sleep.


Is this a problem with saving to the Registry?


Thanks in advance,


-Mac- (not for OS)

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Does this happen after you've updated win7? I have a family member with win7 pro on a laptop, and in the past I have sometimes noticed changes to power settings after accessing MS Windows Update site and installing updates. Currently I just get security updates from the catalog for this laptop and don't use the Windows Update site very often, but I have noticed this in the past.

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