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Hollywood and Opensource

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Now if Hollywood could just come up with an original idea... any original idea, please.


Amen! I'm so tired of remakes, with the same plot, same storyline, and often the same script/dialogue. HELLO?! Saw it 30 years ago, and still remember...no need to pay to see it again.


My daughter thinks A Star Is Born was a great movie. I asked her "cooper & gaga or Streisand & kristoffersonkristofferson"? She looked confused and said slowly "Bradley cooper & lady gaga".


I told her "no worries....it's a trick question...both movies are the same". She asked why they would do that, and i replied "Exactly!". Now she's REALLY confused

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How about Judy Garland and James Mason (1954)?

Missed that one as I was busy being born that year. :)


I saw a good film recently - The Railway Man with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. He was an engineer POW forced to work on the Burma railway in WW2 and meets her on a train in England after the war.

Definitely no rehash of an old story there!


Yes it's quite amazing how much open source software is used in the film biz. I've heard some of it is heavily customized, but it's OSS so they can.

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