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interesting microsoft sale

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i know surface pro is hardware but since it is intimately connected to msWindows and i really wasn't interested in having a "discussion" about the merits of using a windows pc vs mac machine vs linus pc ,

i am puting it here:



i5 Surface Pro 6 with 8G RAM and 128GB SSD for $800.


seems to me to be a terrific deal, but not sure. is it still overpriced as compared to similar windows devices?

comparison shopping on these things is so complicated, especially with the tight deadlines.


ps: yes, i spelled it 'linus' on purpose. stop yelping about gnu Mr Stallman. :devil:

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I owned a couple of older units (the Surface RT and Surface Pro 2) and though that the hardware was very high quality. i found keyboards taking some time to get used to, though.




Aryeh Goretsky

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