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Malicious Package Found on the Ubuntu Snap Store


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Can someone explain to me why we need this stuff anyway? If you want bleeding edge, run Arch or Debian Sid. If you don't you have debs or rpms.

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Hedon James

IMO, snaps, flatpaks, & appimages are for folks who want a supremely stable and solid underlying OS, but the latest and greatest application software. I'm picturing someone who wants the long-term stability and support of CentOS, but the bleeding edge of LibreOffice 7 (yes, I know it's currently on version 6!). I'd say this describes me, but I'm against the idea of bloating my installation with multiple versions of the same software in different "software silos", due to dependency requirements. Sounds like Windows to me!


I'll take DEBs and RPMs for $500 Alex!

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