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New Calendar, Mail, and mobile Outlook features

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New Calendar, Mail, and mobile Outlook features help you get things done - Microsoft 365 Blog


You have emails to respond to, things to take care of, and places to be! New Outlook features—across Windows, Mac, web, and mobile—help you manage your time and keep what matters most front and center. Also, new features—coming soon in Outlook for iOS and Android—will connect you to the people, apps, and technology that power your productivity and help protect you and your business.

New in Outlook Calendar:

-- Bill pay reminders

-- Suggested event locations and meeting rooms

-- Meeting RSVP tracking and forwarding

-- Multiple time zones


New in Outlook Mail:

-- Show organization directory details

-- Proxy support

-- Bcc warning


See the above-referenced article for details about the new features as well as what is coming soon to Outlook for iOS and Android.

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Looks like some very nice features all around.


I sure hope the look doesn't change much LOL I have some elderly users that are having a fit that it doesn't work like their old Outlook in Office 97 LOL as it is! ;)


I wish I could set their theme for them to Office 97 or Office 2003 themes to keep them happy.

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