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Spring Cleaning

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Although spring has been slow in coming in my part of Canada this year, I decided to do some spring cleaning anyway.

I replaced a creaky old Antec case fan in my Acer Veriton M desktop. This desktop is a Sandy Bridge-based i5 model from 2012. It originally came with only a CPU fan on the heatsink, but since I have added a more robust power supply, a video card, and an SSD, I thought it was a good idea to have some additional cooling. Now I have a new Arctic F9 PWM fan handling that.

I finished up by using my computer cleaner blower to get all the dust out of the case.

The system is running cool and quiet right now. With its upgrades, It is still a great system for my train sims and my wife's web surfing. It was quite a nice commercial grade desktop when new, and I've kept it current with the SSD and video card additions. Although it is now nearly six years old it is chugging along. I suppose I could use some USB 3.0 and PCI based SSD storage but I can cope without them for now.



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