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The Joy of Installation


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I did a couple of installs the other day - Ubuntu 17.10 and Debian Stretch (net install.) I was struck by how things have changed since I started installing Linux 10+ years ago.



  • Download an ISO (CD) over a slow and sometimes glitchy Internet connection.
  • Burn ISO to a CD at the slowest speed you can. You don't want a coaster.
  • Boot Live CD from your optical drive.
  • Install the system from the CD onto a slow PATA hard drive.
  • Reboot into your new O/S
  • Update over the slow and glitchy Internet connection.
  • Total time - a couple of hours if all goes well.


  • Download ISO over a fast and stable internet connection.
  • Transfer ISO to a flashdrive.
  • Boot Live CD from flashdrive, or set up a net install from a small ISO image.
  • Install the system onto a fast SATA or NVME SSD.
  • Reboot.
  • Update over fast and stable Internet connection.
  • Total time - about 30 minutes.

Sure a lot of the improvement has come from better hardware but it sure is a lot easier and faster.

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You are on point raymac46. Your post reminded me several years ago of doing a net install for SuSe. I thought at the time that it was the zenith of installs.Recently I did a Mageia flash drive net install. Wow!! So quick and painless.Yes times have changed.. :clap:


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I would imagine installing Linux in a dual boot is still tricky for a new user, but if you have a dedicated machine it doesn't get much easier than an Ubuntu install from a live ISO.

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