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Question about eset smart security scan log

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I am using eset Smart Security Suite on my Windows 10 PC. When I did a scan today and checked the log file all the entries said unable to open. Am i doing something wrong?

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Well I use Eset but only on my phone (android) an I just checked and I can view the logs just fine. Maybe Goretsky can help as he works for them ;)

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Did it look something like this:



Scan Log

Version of detection engine: 16349 (20171103)

Date: 11/3/2017 Time: 5:46:42 AM

Scanned disks, folders and files: Operating memory;Boot sector;C:\pagefile.sys;C:\swapfile.sys

Operating memory " C:\Users\ESET_TEST\AppData\Local\Temp\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache\98c860c778489a73f49eaacb7c03b0b_fce8395c8fd8a998_15f74c7777689be5_0_0.toc - unable to open [4]

Operating memory " C:\Users\ESET_TEST\AppData\Local\Temp\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache\98c860c778489a73f49eaacb7c03b0b_fce8395c8fd8a998_15f74c7777689be5_1_0.toc - unable to open [4]

Operating memory " C:\Users\ESET_TEST\AppData\Local\Temp\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache\9022103eff257ddc1bbdb8e66a2744a8_fce8395c8fd8a998_19673e1257214fff_0_0.toc - unable to open [4]

MBR sector of the 3. physical disk - error reading

Number of scanned objects: 912

Number of threats found: 0

Time of completion: 5:47:08 AM Total scanning time: 26 sec (00:00:26)



[4] Object cannot be opened. It may be in use by another application or operating system.


If so, the "unable to open" messages are from files which are opened by the operating system's kernel (or another program running with the kernel in its region of memory, like a device driver for a video card) and held open exclusively by that program and cannot be accessed by other programs. Usually, this isn't much of a big deal, because if the files are held open exclusively they cannot be touched by other things, like viruses, worms, ransomware and other forms of malware.


I found an article in ESET's knowledgebase which goes into more detail about it here: https://support.eset.com/kb2155/ for an older version of ESET Smart Security, which said "error opening" as opposed to "unable to open" in the log files, but it is the same thing. The "unable to open" message is just meant to be friendlier by removing the word 'error' from the log entries.


At least, I think that is probably what is going on. You can probably contact ESET's technical support and they can give you an official, and more thorough, answer.




Aryeh Goretsky

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fixed broken link
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That's exactly what it looked like, thank you. Your link gives me a 404 error though.

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This might be the link


When I got a 404 error, I scraped off the back end of the link just letting the kb intact.

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