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welcome to the iot version of the modern world.


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That is just... sad...


We live in a 'fringey' area of the suburbs and I regularly lament the passing of

good old analog TV. Digital TV in general is a Frankenstein monster. I won't

get into just how very, very much I hate digital TV. But it is a real pain to try

to live with over-the-air 'free' digital TV broadcasts that keep dropping out

their audio (totally muting, not just a little scratchy as with analog...). Ditto

for freezing, pixelating video in weak signal situations. OMG I get so darned

mad at the sad state of broadcast TV...(we gave Comcast the axe a while

back and completely severed all TV subscriptions- all we get is internet from

those cable guys now...and the freakin' bill is still close to a hundred bucks!)


Your totally bricked door locks article just reminds me of how 'oh so advanced'

digital technology is (NOT!!!)




P.S. Yeah- I'm going to bring back analog computers and vacuum tubes.

That's the ticket...

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