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AOL Gold info as well as some online history wrapped around it

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

AOL Gold offering 30-day free trial and $3.99 per month thereafter


The article gives a little perspective of AOL/America Online over the years and where they are going now that the are a division of Verizon Communications, along with a bit of online history and where AOL fit in ... at least from my perspective.

Has links to AOL Desktop Gold and where I got some of the info.

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Ah the memories. When I first got online in 1996 it was with a (wait for it) 14.4 Kbps dial-up modem. I had a choice of several online providers and went with Prodigy. You could get on the Web back then with Prodigy's own browser, but 90% of what you did was with their own services and protocol (NAPLPS.) It was a closed system really.

I stayed with Prodigy until they closed down in 1999 and then I switched to a local ISP and used TCP/IP - still with dial-up although by then I was chugging along at a robust 56 Kbps. My daughter had much better T1 broadband at her university dorm. I think that was around 1.5 Mbps at the time.

In the early 2000s I got DSL and at the time I think that was 750 Kbps or so - a huge upgrade. Now I'm up to 100 Mbps and that is quite slow compared to what some of you folks get in the US.

Here is a good article about Prodigy from the Atlantic:


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