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Free GPS for PC - W10?


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My son is about to retire, and move back to this city. He is looking for a house to buy, and Mom and Dad are looking at his favorites. Strangely enough the "direction finders" I did use in years past don't seem to be accurate or responsive. I want printable driving directions here locally.


I have a couple of programs for my Kindles, but cannot print as my printer is not WiFi. So I need a GPS for my PC running W 10 so I can print driving directions.

Anyone here with information or recommendations?



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What did you end up using?


I actually use Google Maps for this via web browser. Before that, I used to use MapQuest. Google Maps seems to work well, though, and it's also available on Android cell phones. Microsoft has its own navigation software for Windows called Windows Maps, which is available for both PCs and Windows Phones.




Aryeh Goretsky

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I ended up with Windows Maps. I think I downloaded it from cnet. So far it does what I need.

I am going to explore Google Maps.. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks, Corrine,

I did not know that or where to find it. I did find it, and thought it was part of Google Maps,but I realize now it is not.

Many thanks,


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