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Mozilla Firebird Windows Nightly Build W/Installer


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I was getting ready to give a report on using the installer for Mozilla Firebird's nightly builds... The idea behind the installer is a great one, The file itself is only 82k, and when you start it, it automatically downloads and installs the latest build of Mozilla Firebird. It also creates Start Menu/QuickLaunch/Desktop icons (only if you want it to, and you can choose which if any you want). Sounds great, right?! Well... not quite.The installer downloads the latest build to your C:\Windows\Temp directory and then extracts it from there. The only problem is that it extracts it into a MozillaFirebird folder in the Temp directory instead of the Program Files directory like it's supposed to. Therefore, the shortcuts won't run the program! At this point, the installer idea is promising because it could be used as an auto-update feature (it automatically checks the version you have versus the version on the web and tells you if you're running the current version). But until they get this latest bug out (most likely due to the name change of the program and it's install location), it's not worth using... I'll fill in and give a full report once they get this fixed.P.S. I've emailed the developer of the installer to let him know if this issue.I'm running Windows ME, will try this on my XP machine tonight...

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