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Guest LilBambi

When posting a question or problemTo make it easier for folks to get at the heart of your question, it would be very helpful and strongly suggested that you include as much of the following as you can in your initial posting:1. Topic Title/Description (Make efficient use of the Topic Title and Description. Be as descriptive as possible about the type of problem you are experiencing in the space given. NOTE: The Title/Description are very important -- These are what folks will see and will draw in the help you need. Please DO NOT use things like, "Help!" or "Windows problem!" or other non-descriptive Topic Titles/Descriptions.)2. Question/Problem (Please fully describe the question/problem and any steps you may have already tried.)3. Type of computer (examples: Dell Dimension 2350 Intel 2.2Ghz P4 w/128MB RAM; IBM ThinkPad A22e 800mhz Celeron w/128MB RAM; Athlon XP Palomino 2200, with 256MB RAM; PIII 1Ghz w/128MB RAM system)4. Operating system (examples: WinXP Pro w/all MS critical updates; Win98se w/all MS Critical Updates)---Networking and/or Security-Related Questions or Problems(Please submit these questions under Networking and Security)NOTE: For quicker inclusion of your computer's specs in your postings, you might consider putting your specs in the free form text area called Your personal note pad under "Welcome to your control panel" in My Controls for later copy/paste for your questions.* Links to free software to help determine your computer hardware *[*]Aida[*]Belarc AdvisorThanks to the following SFNL Forum Members for sharing their suggestions on how to help folks get the answers they need more quickly; Temmu, inform, SonicDragon. Several other Members also added thoughts to this process. Thank you all!

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