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SNF Undergoing OS Upgrade this Weekend


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I don't have many details about the upgrade that KnownHost, who we are hosted with, insists we must carry out. Apparently my Linux distro is end-of-life. I guess it is no longer being supported, which means that other systems, such as the control panel, are no longer supporting it. So out it goes and in comes the new distro. KnownHost is handling all this work for us and they say there will be a minimum of disruption and no change at all to settings. But I am standing by to check through some of that stuff. They say for example that LiteSpeed will be unaffected by this upgrade. We'll see I hope they're right. KH is right a lot of the time. So, fingers crossed. It will likely happen today possibly this morning. I think they said that we would be down for about half an hour, but that that could vary.


The way you can help is by reporting anomalies. The fastest way to do that would be to send the Webmaster account email descriptions of issues: webmaster[@]scotsnewsletter.com. You know what to do with those brackets. I may respond back with a question or two to make sure I understand what you've discovered. Thanks for your help.


-- Scot

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Thanks Scott. I am out of town this weekend but I will check in when I can via mobile.


BTW what Linux distro after we getting and what did we previously have?



Thanks again for everything

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Actually, I was wrong. It isn't a different Linux distribution, it's a newer version of the same one. I don't remember what version of Cent OS we were on before, but were now on Cent OS 7.


The upgrade is all done.


To all: please be vigilant about problems and report them to me, even tiny ones.

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didn't even realize there was a change.

CentOS is pretty good but updating to new level is not possible, you have to re-do. Not like Debian. At work we use both, the CentOS we had we kept as we also wanted to keep the RH applications and setups.

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